Drug Law Violations

As you are likely aware each State has their own set of laws when it comes to what is and what isn’t a legal drug. The fines, potential sentences, and how certain drug charges are prosecuted varies from State to State. In South Carolina our prosecutors take drug offenses seriously, as evidenced by very aggressive laws that in some cases mandate serious prison time as a minimum sentence regardless as to whether this is your first arrest.

While at the solicitor’s office attorney J. Stephen Grooms spent a considerable portion of his career assigned to the drug team, during that time he worked solely on drug related cases. This experience has given him the ability to know what the State must do in order to successfully prosecute a drug offense.

Whether it be a simple possession charge or a trafficking case, law enforcement must follow certain guidelines and must honor a defendant’s rights in order to have the evidence they need to prosecute the charge against you. For example, something as seemingly small as an improper search or a search warrant that left out key details can be the difference in a serious prison sentence or a dismissal of your charges. If you find yourself charged with a drug offense you should strongly consider hiring a criminal defense attorney who has the background to adequately and zealously represent you or your family.